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A Manner in Celebration for Wedding Are you married? I'm still single. On the other hand, most of my friends have gotten married. Thus, I've celebrated soooo many friends so far!  In this weekend also, I'll return to my home town for my old dear friend's wedding. Here, let me introduction a Japanese manner in celebration for wedding. Source:
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JAPANESE slung "Muri geh" Hi! This is Kobol Japanese business person lives in Tokyo. How are you today? By the way... Each language/country has slungs, doesn't it? Your country also does, right? As you know, using only the right words and grammars is rigidly formal.
Peace Addiction Is your country peaceful? Japan has non-peaceful neighbour. Recently, the neighbour often launches ballistic missile to around Japan.
Silence in Japan I'm a Japanese lives in Tokyo. Today, let's mention the silence of Japanese. Japanese is thought to be silent. It’s almost true. Everyday, I use railway or subway. Actually, most of all passengers keep silent. Why?

God × 8,000,000 = 8 million Gods...?

What is "8 million Gods" in Japan?  Japanese religous outlook perhaps seems to be caos or complicated, doesn't it?  Don't worry guys.